IRONMAN® package (All 5 books) digital

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Five book package: (digital version)

Main Book:

The Art Of Triathlon Training

A Proven Guide For Your Triathlon Training

Learn how to train effectively right from the start with this easy to follow triathlon training guide. Save valuable time and money as you reach the finish line and become the best possible version of yourself. “The Art Of Triathlon Training” answers the call of both beginners and seasoned triathletes looking for instant changes for personal success and the edge they need in training.

Get ready to train effectively, stop wasting time and amp up all of the elements of your triathlon training with proven guidance from Dirk Bockel, multiple Ironman® Champion & Olympian. Step by step, Dirk gathers all of the crucial points of triathlon training and the triathlon experience and lays out an easy to follow blueprint for your own personal journey. You CAN reach the finish line. You WILL overcome your fears of open water swimming. You WILL learn to fine tune your nutrition and balance the ebb and flow of your triathlon lifestyle. You WILL master your mental game.

Dirk gives each and every athlete the opportunity to access tools and world-class training methods that they can adapt to their own program here and now. Each chapter propels you forward to the next big race and then you’ll reset and regroup, shift and move goals and improve your mental game. Dirk inspires you from the start to keep motivated, keep pushing forward, keep accessing the warrior within, moving toward an expanded experience.

After you’ve answered the call to train and race triathlon, dive deep into the pages of this book as you travel outside your comfort zone and become more aware and mindful throughout your journey. Whether you are rising through the ranks of sprint distance triathlon racing or are firmly set in Ironman® competition, this everyday guide to triathlon training will sharpen your training in search of the best version of yourself. Through experience we cultivate the champion within and the ripples are felt both in and out of the arena of triathlon.

1st Short Book:

The Ten Commandments Of Aerodynamics

Learn about the science of aerodynamics, the often misunderstood but hugely important point of focus to each athlete, no matter the speed they are going. Mike Giraud, a trusted advisor and one of the world’s leading aerodynamic gurus, is breaking it down in an easy to understand, short book. I have been trusting him for years and he has proven to be one of the worlds best at what he is doing. Every athlete will benefit hugely from his shared knowledge. Secrets about the myth: Can you buy speed? Tricks and tips to be faster through simply aerodynamic adjustments proven by science. Use his knowledge to your advantage to be faster and more aero.

2nd Short Book:

The Secrets Of A World Champion Coach

Understanding your own capabilities but also your expectation is key to planning your triathlon journey. Coach Michael Krüger points out what qualities a coach, but also an athlete, must have in order to be a successful team. Through his extensive knowledge in the world of coaching he shares all of the important details for you to understand, learn and to apply the secrets to make the journey a successful operation. Simply steps to follow as a coach but also as an athlete in order to bring out your full potential to achieve your personal success.

Video Book:

Injury prevention & How to heal quickly

In this 20:23 min video, I am providing all you need to know about how to stay healthy & fit without getting injured. Many key elements, that are often overlooked and neglected in training could lead to a nagging injury.

In the case of a serious injury, I will provide guidance and clear, laid out steps for you to follow in order to heal quickly and get back on your feet. It is key to apply the right steps for fast recovery and smooth re-adaptation into training mode. Knowing your body is vital. Learn & understand the easy to follow steps that will prevent and heal injury.

Audio & Video book:

Mindfulness in Sports & Meditation

This 12:25 min video with Simon Kessler & myself will show you the depth of what you can achieve when your mind is right. We will outline and explain how to use your mental capabilities in order to conquer each task in front of you. The scientifically proven power of meditation will be explained and a powerful guided sample mediation including positive affirmations ( 14 min) is provided for you to try out and achieve mental power in order to follow your dreams in sports and in everyday life. Felling more more aware and conscious is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle.

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IRONMAN® package (All 5 books) digital

0 ratings
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